Announcement for grants of the Stiftung ZURÜCKGEBEN in 2018

Announcement for grants in 2018

Female artists and academics with their residence in Germany can apply now for grants of the Stiftung ZURÜCKGEBEN (Foundation Giving Back) in 2018. Applications are open until September 30th.

Please send all your inquiries at info[at] or contact us via phone( 030-420 226 45). Our office is open on Tuesdays between 9am and 1pm and between 2pm and 5pm. We’re closed on August 22nd.

If you don’t reach us, please leave a message, we would like to call you back in this case.

Announcement for grants of the Stiftung ZURÜCKGEBEN in 2018

The Foundation

Stiftung ZURÜCKGEBEN is the only institution in Germany focusing on sponsoring Jewish women in arts and academics. It contributes intensively to the development of Jewish diversity in Germany.

After the Shoa Germany was considered as “burned grounds” for Jews, a Jewish future didn’t seem possible. Contrary to these beliefs a young confident Jewish generation grew up in the Nineties, who didn’t consider leaving the country. Effort started to connect to an almost completely destroyed Jewish culture. By now there is a diverse Jewish German culture. The Stiftung ZURÜCKGEBEN wants to support this development.

Over one hundred women received grants since 1996 between 700 and 11.000 Euros. The foundation was able to grant over 400.000 Euro since its establishment.

The Stiftung ZURÜCKGEBEN was founded in 1994 was founded by a group of Jewish and Non-Jewish women suspecting their heritage was loot taken from the Jewish community. They were not able to find the original owners. The revenues of the sale of this heritage formed the initial capital of the foundation.

The Stiftung ZURÜCKGEBEN wants to find people who make a contribution to the development of Jewish life in Germany by receiving grants.


Please hand in your application as digital (max. 5MB) and as printed document via mail.

Applications are open until September 30th, the date pf the postmark will be considered as date of handing in.

Only applications in German will be accepted.

The following documents are needed:

  • the completed application form

  • a detailed description of your project including a timetable and financial planning

  • a CV

Women who already received a grant from Stiftung ZURÜCKGEBEN will not be considered again.

Only one project per applicant can be considered.

A jury with Jewish women from arts and academics will decide on the applications. In case of acceptance a formal contract will be made between the fellow and Stiftung ZURÜCKGEBEN.

The completed application needs to be send until September 30th to:

Via Mail:


Merseburger Straße 3

10823 Berlin

And via e-mail: