How to apply for a grant

How to apply for a grant

The ZURÜCKGEBEN Foundation awards annual grants for projects by Jewish women artists and scholars living and working in Germany. It provides funding in a wide variety of areas such as film, literature (e.g. novels, poetry collections, non-fiction books, biographies), dance and theater, visual arts (e.g. exhibitions), and science (e.g. research projects, university theses). Funding is possible regardless of age.

The call for applications for the 2021 funding year has already been completed and the selection of the new fellows has been announced.

Application formalities
Applications must be submitted in written form. They can only be considered if they are received by the Foundation during the application period (the date of the postmark is decisive).
The application period is announced here on the website in early summer each year.

The following documents are recquired:
• The completed application form (PDF)
• A description of the project including a detailed time schedule and financial calculation
• Curriculum vitae with additional information on personal/biographical reference to Jewishness

Please note:
• In accordance with our statue, our scholarships can only be awarded to Jewish women. Membership in the Jewish community is not a requirement. Scholarship recipients must reside in Germany.
Exceptions are not possible.

• Only one project proposal per applicant can be considered. Women who have already received funding from the ZURÜCKGEBEN Foundation in previous years can also participate in this call for applications.
• Projects that have already been started can be funded.
• Since the ZURÜCKGEBEN Foundation is not able to grant the full amount of funding requested in all cases and can often only provide initial funding, applications to other institutions are therefore absolutely permitted.
• Only applications in German will be accepted.
• There is no legal entitlement to a scholarship.

The selection of grantees is made by a jury composed of Jewish women.

In case of a grant acceptance, a scholarship contract will be concluded between the scholarship holder and the ZURÜCKGEBEN Foundation.

Complete application documents should be sent to:

By Mail (not as a registered letter):

Merseburger Straße 3
10823 Berlin

as well as by E-Mail

Please send specific inquiries about the call exclusively by e-mail to: