Generations profit

Research has shown that during the Nazi period almost everyone who was a part of German society profited in some way from the plundering of the Jewish people.

The Nazi terror removed over 500,000 German Jews from a society that had previously included them. What happened to their jobs, their businesses, their doctor's offices, their property?

How did our parents, grandparents and other relatives acquire their land, their houses, their apartments, their furniture and valuables, their works of art? To whom did all these things previously belong?

How do we, even though we were born later, wish to react to the complicity of many families, perhaps even our own?

Were there direct or indirect forms of enrichment or benefit? Did our own families profit from the war economy? How did our families, of whom we are the heirs, acquire their property or wealth?

Let us not continue these injustices by living with these inheritances or by accepting them unquestioned.