Furniture for German air-raid-victims

Trains and ships, especially from Holland, Belgium and France, brought to Germany, for example to Hamburg, the entire contents of the apartments of Jews who were deported from those countries:

"The total volume of Jewish property transported from Holland to Hamburg in the years 1942-1943 alone came to 45 shiploads with a total of 27,227 tons of funiture, other household goods, clothing etc." "From 1941-1945, at least 100,000 residents of Hamburg and ... its surroundings were able to procure objects that were previously Jewish property." This is what the auction lists tell us.
(Frank Bajohr, 'Arisierung' in Hamburg, 1997, p. 334 ff.)

The Germans whose homes were destroyed by the bombs saw themselves as victims and only a few may have hesitated to acquire the apartments and furniture of the Jews who had been deprived of their rights and their property. Thus injustice came to inhabit numerous households.