Awards 2010

Naomi Bendt, research into the biographies of the photographers Arno Kikoler and Irene Schatzky

Tina Endzweig and Melanie Hubermann, documentary (working title): "Broken Biographies - The History of Two Families"; several generations of two families are to be described as they actually lived, building a bridge from the past via the present into the future.

Beata Falkowitsch, the production of a CD of contemporary Jewish music in Yiddish and English with musicians from several European countries

Edna Herlinger, dissertation titled "Baalei Teshuva"; religious identity and conceptions of self among young Russian Jewish poets in Germany

Gal(in)a Jarkova, lieder evening/concerts and the recording of a CD title "Thought Games" (russian title) with songs from Russian Jewish poets of "silberne Zeit".

Miriam Kaul, the recording of a CD "Landschaften für das Ohr" (Landscapes for the Ear); the highlights of a journey through the history of the Jewish people.

Dr. Katrin Jona Kirchner, book project titled "Matrix - Der Bibelcode" (Matrix - the Bible Code), an introduction into the symbolism of the Hebrew Bible.

Jalda Rebling, Shabbat book titled "Das Schabbesmärchen" (The Sabbath Tale) with CD; readers learn about Sabbath stories and rituals, song texts and blessings

Idit Samet, documentary; the history of two identically named streets in Jaffa and Damascus.

Paula Zimerman Targownik, book project titled "Sechs Mal Jom Kippur" (Six times Yom Kippur); a biographical novel about the author's mother