Stiftung Zurückgeben


The ZURÜCKGEBEN Foundation is the only foundation in Germany that explicitly supports Jewish women in the arts and sciences. It was founded in 1994, and the first grants were awarded one year later. Since then, ZURÜCKGEBEN has provided financial support to well over half a million euros for around 180 projects by Jewish women. Read more


With your donation or endowment you directly support Jewish women in their artistic or scientific projects. At least symbolically, you can thus return a small fraction of the unjustified advantage taken by non-Jewish Germans from the disenfranchisement, expropriation and murder of the Jews of Europe during the National Socialist era. Read more


Once a year, the ZURÜCKGEBEN Foundation awards project grants to Jewish women to provide financial support for the realization of their artistic or scientific projects.

Applications for the 2025 funding year can be submitted from May 13 to 2 September 2024. The application criteria and the application form can be found here.